A word used for many different things from drugs to declaring something. Something that is "bad" or "awsome" used mostly in rap culture for drugs and saying something is cool.
drugs- meth, heroin, pot, and pcp

sayings- Man that ride is dope. That shits dope.
by anonymous- March 25, 2007
Any drug that you don't respect.
Square (In refrance to Pot): "Gee, golly! Don't you know they call it 'Dope' for a reason?"

Pot-head (In refrance to Coke): "Hey man, I ain't never ganna touch no Dope"

Coke-Head (In refrance to Heroin): "Man, that moron Jimmy is dippin' into that Dope again"
by Captain Hash August 23, 2006
Most commonly used to mean Meth (Ice, Crank, Speed etc.)

People outside of the drug scene might refer to heroin, or marijuana as dope.
"Dude I was smokin' dope all last night, I won't be sleeping or eating till thursday."
by Buddy Christ January 22, 2007
As an adjective, dope is a term originating in getto areas of North America, which usually refers to an action or item of clothing, etc. It means thta whatever is described is seen by peers as good, pleasing ande essentialy cool.
Yo homie, that jacket is dope son!
man, those rags are way old. lets get u sum shit thats dope!
by Nicky Pilkington April 01, 2006
A band that remixes 80's songs
Dope says "Now or Never"
by Josh April 26, 2004
noun. a youth who sells dope, usually crack or powder cocaine or heroin
"Be careful walking down 13th Street, cuz the dopeboys hug the block there something fierce."
by wisegod October 05, 2005
An illicit drug, especially marijuana
The cops found the dope I had hidden under my nuts
by blahblah March 16, 2004

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