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noun: heroin; heroin, & only heroin, is called dope.

adjective: cool, hot, the best
"She had to go to rehab because she was hooked on dope"
"My new truck is dope"
by Philly MILF August 10, 2007
420 was a police code, I believe in a California city, way back in the day. 420 was the code they used for person/people who were smoking marijuana. The term has been used by most every American teenager. Many people use it as a time to smoke. I know of people who consider 4/20 (April 20) a holiday of sorts.
"It's 4:18 roll the blunt(joint)/pack the bowl(bong,pipe) so we're ready for 420"
by Philly MILF August 10, 2007
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