Rabaka's way of counting. It is the equivalent of TWO. Derived from the insane group called Group X. The second number after Schwam
Teacher: Let's all say the number two.
Ralph: DOO!
by EMLINIA January 08, 2005
often used by water polo players. Many of times they use doo in talking or getting someones attention. This is made up for
P-TOWN'S water polo players
What up doo? Poker tonight doo? Ball me doo!
by Seany April 20, 2005
a hairy munter. Referenced to scooby
Look at that girt doo!
by mongoose January 17, 2003
slang or code word for Marijuana
Put the good doo in the dangler (pipe) and lets smoke
by LoanPusher August 14, 2007
See Poo. Or, if one is too lazy to do such, "Doo," closely related to its cousin "Poo," is a more friendly form of recognizing anal leakage. Usually more solid in composition than its unpredictable cousin, it hardens upon contact with air and is immediately able to be used for a good game of feces-ball (similar rules to baseball).
"Hey Snuffalufagus, did you leave that doo on Elmo's front porch?" -- Bert

"No, Bert. I just teabagged him." -- Snuffalufagus

"Hey Big Bird, did you leave that doo on Elmo's front porch?" -- Bert

"Some of it. I tried leaving a heaping pile of doo, but the majority of it just got stuck in my ass-feathers!" -- Big Bird
by Justin/Sarah July 10, 2005
Welsh slang for a party, or celebration.
"I have a work doo at 7, we're going out for a meal"
by Bufferzz December 21, 2006
Walking into the nightclub with a tight top, it was clear she had great doos
by Scirishman March 25, 2009

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