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Rabaka's way of counting. It is the equivalent of TWO. Derived from the insane group called Group X. The second number after Schwam
Teacher: Let's all say the number two.
Ralph: DOO!
by EMLINIA January 08, 2005
5 36
often used by water polo players. Many of times they use doo in talking or getting someones attention. This is made up for
P-TOWN'S water polo players
What up doo? Poker tonight doo? Ball me doo!
by Seany April 20, 2005
1 34
a hairy munter. Referenced to scooby
Look at that girt doo!
by mongoose January 17, 2003
0 35
slang or code word for Marijuana
Put the good doo in the dangler (pipe) and lets smoke
by LoanPusher August 14, 2007
5 41
See Poo. Or, if one is too lazy to do such, "Doo," closely related to its cousin "Poo," is a more friendly form of recognizing anal leakage. Usually more solid in composition than its unpredictable cousin, it hardens upon contact with air and is immediately able to be used for a good game of feces-ball (similar rules to baseball).
"Hey Snuffalufagus, did you leave that doo on Elmo's front porch?" -- Bert

"No, Bert. I just teabagged him." -- Snuffalufagus

"Hey Big Bird, did you leave that doo on Elmo's front porch?" -- Bert

"Some of it. I tried leaving a heaping pile of doo, but the majority of it just got stuck in my ass-feathers!" -- Big Bird
by Justin/Sarah July 10, 2005
21 57
Welsh slang for a party, or celebration.
"I have a work doo at 7, we're going out for a meal"
by Bufferzz December 21, 2006
30 71
Walking into the nightclub with a tight top, it was clear she had great doos
by Scirishman March 25, 2009
4 61