replacement for the word, "dude."
Darian: "Hey doo, I just smoked all that weed."
Luke: "Come on, doo!"
by L-Trill January 20, 2010
1. Excrement. Also known as poop, crap, etc.
Don't step in the pile of dog doo.
by Dellsareslow May 04, 2012
Smoother way to say the word "Dude".
What up Doo ? Calm Down Doo. Damn Doo your breezy is all that and a bag of chips .
by Big Kev October 02, 2003
saying what up dood in a more hip fashion
What up Doo!
by Tony audino July 15, 2008
scottish slang for a pidgeon
that fuckin doo jist shat on me
by Rab feeney October 24, 2006
a box in dutch
he there is a doos over there maby someting is in it
by uncle sucker November 01, 2003
reference to someone's hair style
How's your doo?

Don't touch my doo
by A-C December 31, 2003

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