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-See 'Safety'
"Good one, dude! I could have called doorknob on yah, though!"

-Also see safety.
by Funky T. Garfunkel December 05, 2003
11 18
A short fat cock wider than it is longer, all head no shaft!
Jenifer: Hey Sally, how'd it go with that dude last night?
Sally: Well, he didn't turn me on, if you know what i mean?
Jenifer: No... not really?
Sally: Well, have you ever met a fat midget?
Jenifer: What?!?
Sally: He was a door knob... all head no shaft.
by Michael Nicholson August 10, 2007
25 33
A word shouted when an elder has been angered. Causing them to throw a doorknob at one's head. Also a replacment for "head's up" "look out" or "duck"
Class of noisy kids: *blah blah blah boys and ponies and hair and blah blah*
Angered teacher:*throws doorknob*
*everyone ducks*
by OurGorship April 05, 2008
3 12
A shiny head man
bald guy
his head is blinding me
by Squid March 23, 2005
1 17
Well known for game design and other randomness including the morons today, an online radio program. Their site can be found at
shut up, doorknob
by Mr M. Ister May 26, 2004
9 25
the knob of the century just as remarkalble as your mom
oh she has got one big doorknob i could twist that alnight
by PlayDohMan April 26, 2004
6 23
-See 'Safety'
-Also see 'Safety'
by Funky T. Garfunkel December 05, 2003
5 23