the name explains it all hahahahahahahahaha just say it
your doopy is showing
just say doopy
by LUckas January 22, 2009
Top Definition
1. Dumb, Dopey, Stupid
1. What a doopy kid, he just tripped over his shoe-laces.
by BlueWrath February 16, 2007
An insult. It is without meaning and is to be used only to insult
"You are a doopy"
by Skilliam October 22, 2011
Describes marijuana or the act of getting high. Can be used as either a noun or an adjective.
I am so doopy right now.

Wanna go do some doopy?
by Roger F. Doopie October 06, 2010
the most loving and big hearted girl
I love my doopy girlfriend
by David K April 28, 2005
first off doopy isnt like poopy with a d...doopy is my nickname...basicaly its when a mom is on crack and trys to call her baby girl dopey but could only come up with doopy...yup thats how it happened
mmm...doopey..nope..dopy....nope...doopy...yea thats it
by doopy April 25, 2005
Like poopy only with a d
doopy! DOOPY! I SAID...DOOPY! Hey, guess what? DOOPY!
by Fnee! September 09, 2003
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