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What the doonk is she doing?!
I've got to take a doonk.
Holy doonk, he is doonkin' doonked up!
Shut the doonk up you look little doonker.
That son of a doonk needs to get doonk up off me.
by Face D September 30, 2003
1. to take advangtage of
2. Used as a sign of angry dismissal
3. To have intercourse with
4. to waste time (doonkin' around)
5. any thing or person that fails to work properly (piece of doonk).
6. defication
this word is actually used to replace the f-word and the s-word in most situations.
What the doonk?
Holy doonk, he is doonked up!
I gotta take a doonk.
That son of a doonk talks too doonking much.
Doonk those doonkers.
He doonked her.
by Face D September 30, 2003
means a jerk, used as an insult.
he was being such a doonk because he wouldn't give my phone back.
She tripped that little kid, what a doonk!
by lilcris97 October 09, 2011
A big ole voluptuous booty.
Man! I'm tellin' you I'da stuck my face in the sweaty crack of dat bitch doonk. That mu'fucka was the fatest doo doo maker I done seen in a minute.
by San Trez August 25, 2007