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1) To sniff cocaine from a gay mans ass crack.
2) To inhale a bong, and then blow the smoke into a gay mans ass hole.
3) To ejaculate into a cup and then pour the semen down a gay mans but crack.
4) A terrible vocalist from a terrible band - Spawn Of Psychosis
Dude, you wanna doofie?" "Fuck No.
#doofie #spawn #psychosis #terrible #band
by NailTooth September 08, 2010
The act of being a dufus. Often associated with being dorky or acting like you are five, but in a good way.
Me: "Emily, stop being so doofie!! People will think your five!"

Emily: "Not even!"

Doofster Doofappotimus
#dork #dufus #doofester #dorkapottamus #doofinator
by Fellow Doofie May 13, 2010
the youngest male hughes brother
When did Andrew officially become Doofie?
by prof. clark May 27, 2004
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