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The plural form of "doofus".
You see those people over there? They're all a bunch of doofi.

Your sister's friends are doofi... Of course your sister is a doofus too.
by EvilAng February 01, 2004
The plural term for Doofus; more then one stupid person in the same vicinity.
I am going to die in a baggy of water with the Three Doofi.
by ChloeJr November 13, 2010
plural of Doofus for instance...
If Spanky was forbiddingly multiplied in a cloning lab then there would be many doofi
by pyro_snowy June 08, 2005
A joint of hash / weed
Im just after sparkin up a nice fat doofis, do you want seconds?
by maco1991 July 01, 2009
Like "dufus", only spelled better.
Pastor Joe didn't preach well this morning. What a doofis.
by Steve October 19, 2004

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