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A term used by military personnel to describe the threaded funnel that attaches to five gallon fuel cans which is long and resembles the shape of said animal.
Hey private make sure that donkey dick is tight so it doesn't leak
by ColdMike October 08, 2012
28 13
a penis large enough that it could hurt someone, not only during the act of sexual intercourse, but also by slapping it across some dirty shylock's face.
"ouch, my shylock face was just thwacked by a wavering donkey dick!"

"my penis is the size of the eiffel tower...i shall name it, Sir Donkey Dick"

"donkey dicks waver in the summer breeze"
by Gnizzo December 09, 2005
732 255
1. An abnormaly large penis.
2. Derogatory word - used as a adjective.
1. "Damn! That guy has a fuckin' donkey dick!!!"

2. "Man that show was donkey dick"
by Danno April 01, 2005
258 202
Army slang for a removable, bendable metal spout used to pour gas from USGI jerry cans
"Hey Sergeant, toss me that donkey dick, willya? I gotta tap this can so I can fill up the Humvee."
by Bullzeye December 26, 2003
243 200
Man with very large penis
also hung like horse
Me big donkey dick
by Rangi Bro May 07, 2003
47 23
A dick that is extremly floppy and long, often has trouble getting erect and may need to use viagra. If erection lasts longer than 4 hours after taking the viarga pill, you need to seek major medical attetion
Dude, you have a "donkey dick"
by Mic August 05, 2004
265 259
A large and powerful cigar such as a Montecristo 'A' or a Sancho Panza Sancho.
"Honey, you don't mind if I fire up this donkey dick, do ya?"
by Paytheline May 14, 2007
43 49