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A word used to describe a system of medical care trying to be implemented by liberals to take money out of the pockets of hard working Americans and give it to poor lazy second class citizens who refuse to work and average 1.13 kids a year. It is yet another attempt for the federal government to socialize the United States. It guarantees the scum in our country will continue to remain lazy and people who work hard get sub standard medical care because the socialist government aims to eliminate insurance and benefits of operating your own medical practice or even getting a job in the field. See also well fare, public aid, Medicaid, food stamps, guetto, white trash.
I'm pregnant again I needs to gets my Obama Care!
by ColdMike October 08, 2012
A term used by military personnel to describe the threaded funnel that attaches to five gallon fuel cans which is long and resembles the shape of said animal.
Hey private make sure that donkey dick is tight so it doesn't leak
by ColdMike October 08, 2012
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