Net worth $2.6 billion thats 2,600 millions of U.S$

he inherited about $300 million from his dad Fred Trump a real estate guy and built up that fortune

when you think of $ in the US Donald Trump comes to mind not bill gates

if you want to drive trump crazy just call him a millionaire he hates it
Who does he think he is buying a Rolls royce donald trump or something?
by JENNY JAMES September 28, 2005
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Living proof that money can't buy good hair.
In fact, money CAN buy good hair. Why his money has not, well, that's anyone's guess.
by Lady Chevalier June 04, 2005
The next President of the United States, who has the correct opinions on everything, and is the cure for all of America's problems.

The only presidential candidate who takes the problem of illegal immigration seriously, and wants to do something about the billions of dollars it costs Americans every year. His big, beautiful wall will keep Los Zetas, MS-13, Norteños, and 18th Street gang members/rapists out of our country, out of our tax money, and away from American women and children.

The only presidential candidate who takes the threat of ISIS/DAESH seriously and plans to take pragmatic, and politically-incorrect measures to stop them from infiltrating America and mass-raping women and children like they have in Germany, England, and Sweden.

Trump is supported by Americans from all social and economic classes, including legal immigrants, the working class, rich and poor people alike.

His opposition comes from the twin cancers that are ruining America: Libtards who get all their opinions spoon-fed to them by Huffington Post and John Oliver (previously Jon Stewart), and Neocons who get all their opinions spoon-fed to them by Fox News and Glenn Beck. People are waking up the the massive gatekeeping and censorship committed by our corporate-liberal media, and Trump will make these people responsible for what they report with revised libel laws.

Simply put: this country's going to kick ass again. Just like in the 1980's.
Make America Great Again!
Fat idiot Democrat: Duuuuuuh Donald Trump is a racist, sexist, bigot! John Oliver told me so, it must be true!
Fat idiot Republican: Duuuuuuh Donald Trump isn't a real Christian, or conservative! Glenn Beck told me so, it must be true!

Donald Trump: Stand aside fuckboys, I'm Making America Great Again

(resubmitting definition, because the previous def's voter counts were hacked to prevent people from reading it)
by Best UD author June 25, 2016
The Republican version of Al Sharpton
Donald Trump and Al Sharpton are both quasi-celebrities who like to be on TV and get attention. They both ran presidential campaigns based primarily on racial issues. Sharpton told blacks that if anything bad happens to them it's because of white racists. Trump tells whites if anything bad happens to them it's because of Mexicans. Trump and Sharpton are both absolutely clueless about how government actually works and neither one is fit to be president.
by Just_sayin' April 12, 2016
When the hair in your shower drain comes to live and starts yelling racist slurs towards Latinos and Muslims most of the time
Well it's pretty self explanatory, I mean it's Donald Trump
by Thegayagenda69 March 18, 2016
Man worth billions. Actual worth hard to estimate do to the different business partnerships he has. Maintains booming real estate development business and runs many other businesses under the Trump Organization name. Hosts popular tv show titled "The Apprentice."
Trump Tower, Trump Ice, The Apprentice, Trump Models
by gfskatepark June 05, 2005
The Hitler of the 21st century. racist. bully. and evil.
why the fuck is Donald Trump running for pres. he's literally hitler of 2016
via giphy
by ms.wow65 May 30, 2016
A racist republican who has an obsession with bragging about how fucking rich he is, building walls, banning Muslums, deporting Mexicans, trash talking Hilary Clinton, and starting WW3. Even the other republicans hate him.
Donald Trump is like Kim Jong-Un, he doesn't take shits because all the shit comes from his mouth.
by JustSayinBro April 18, 2016
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