To drop the kids off at the pool, from cockney rhyming slang for dump.
I'm going upstairs for a Pat Cash and a Donald Trump. Be Back in an hour.
by Jippo April 21, 2004
Gelatinous cartoon slumlord and narcissistic vulgarian who took a massive dump on the American electoral process in 2015. Notable achievements include becoming a billionaire by repeatedly shifting his debt burden to the American taxpayers through multiple bankruptcies, stealing the crackpot wing of the Republican Party away from Rand Paul, repeatedly (and unsuccessfully) attempting to legally steal the house of 65 year-old grandmother through exploitation of public domain laws, and staying up until 3:00 am tweeting insults to Fox News commentator Megan Kelly after she pwned him in a televised debate. Leadership style combines the worst elements of a 12 year-old schoolyard bully and a cuckolded drunken stevedore.
Bernie Sanders actually looks electable, when compared to Donald Trump.
by ToraJack October 30, 2015
The nasty hairstyle of combing thin strands of one colored hair into another and pushing some to the side where the end product resembles a dead chipmunk.
Casey looks bedazzling! Her donald trump matches her fur coat!
by Aldyn July 07, 2004
Possible reincarnation of Hitler. This time going for Muslims. Manages to captivate audience same way Hitler did. Has terrible hair, and is terribly violent.
Donald Trump: We shall build a wall
Crowd: Yeah!
Trump: We will have the Mexicans pay for it!
*crowd goes crazy*
And we shall make the Jews pay!
Crowd *with some confusion*: Yeah!
Trump: Sorry, Muslims. (dummkopf)
*Crowd frothing out of the mouth out of insanity and excitement*
by SwankyBoss June 28, 2016
Someone who will lose the 2016 elections.
Ass: "Donald Trump told me that he won and is president!"
Person: "Liar."
by fuckingendme April 03, 2016
A sad old man with a toupee that hates Muslims and Mexicans. He deserves to burn in hell with Satan!
Fuck Donald trump
by Jay the dick July 01, 2016
The lord of the brain dead conservatives.

Also used to describe a big mistake.
It was a HUGE Donald Trump to have let my dog out of the house at midnight! I should have known she would get lost!
by Ldrlvr July 05, 2016
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