Net worth $2.6 billion thats 2,600 millions of U.S$

he inherited about $300 million from his dad Fred Trump a real estate guy and built up that fortune

when you think of $ in the US Donald Trump comes to mind not bill gates

if you want to drive trump crazy just call him a millionaire he hates it
Who does he think he is buying a Rolls royce donald trump or something?
by JENNY JAMES September 28, 2005
some stupid guy whos last name makes me laugh, but it is also a way to describe that you need a shit (donald trump-dump)
or for short jst call it a donald
i need a donald trump
iv jst had a donald
wait a min i need a donald
by Danger January 06, 2005
Someone who is unreasonably not with the times.
A Donald Trump tends to still carry a Discover Card. Tends to also pay for that Discover Card's bill at Sears. Tends to ride a unicycle. Tends to think it is treason to have a dual citizenship.
by SFRevoltAgainstDT September 07, 2012
The Donald Trump is where you shoot your sperm on someones face and throw money at them. Whatever sticks to their face, they get to keep!
"I was broke, so when I gave her the Donald Trump I used a handful of change so i could still have bus fare home! I probably shouldn't have thrown it as hard though..."
by lost4eternitynow January 07, 2010
1. a hideous rug on someone's head

2. the Donald

3. Rosie's worst nightmare

4. a billionaire real estate mogul who built and ownes half of New York City and Atlantic City
Donald Trump is a rich, powerful S.O.B who ownes New York. Your'e fired!!!! You'de think with all his money he could at least pay for a decent haircut.
by krock1dk December 10, 2007
The illegitimate offspring of Jerry Springer and Barbara Bush. Someone who purchases brides for lots of money. Trump is conclusive proof that money can't buy you personality, for example.
"Oh Donald....Donald're forgetting our pre-nuptual agreement again. For the last time, get your ugly fucking head back inside that pillowcase....or turn the damn lights off!"
by SnowyOwl February 17, 2006
a dump.
Im just going for a Donald...

A donald?

Yeah...a Donald Trump... a Dump...
by garnerbigpotatoes November 09, 2011

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