A politician known to be a loud mouth hating Muslims and Mexicans yet claims that they like him. He is the next Hitler
Dear God I hope our president is not Donald trump
by (இ﹏இ`。) July 23, 2016
Donald-Trump (verb): To make a false assertion with great authority.

(Donald-Trumped, Donald-Trumping)
Donald-Trump (noun): A whopping lie or boastful claim meant to deceive.

(Plural: Donald-Trumps)

Verb: “I have too much data about this situation to be Donald-Trumped.”

Noun: “I’m not hiring him—after I checked his resume, I discovered it was filled with Donald-Trumps.”
by iWitty June 30, 2016
A low degenerate ass wipe with hair like moldy cotton candy and a face like a baboons ass. He is a racist son of a bitch with a superiority complex he puts him self high up on a ledge and says things and does things that just makes everyone take him as even more of a joke then we already did, and the only people that follow him are uneducated illiterate fucks who obviously don't give a damn about Americas future. He is a disgusting awful person who doesn't care about anyone or anything but him self it doesn't matter what anyone says even if it's his own family he is so wrapped up in his own little fantasy world that he doesn't realize that everyone in the world with a brain larger than a walnut and an attention spans that can last for than 10 seconds fucking hates him!!
Donald Trump is the worst thing that could ever happen to the America.
Adolf Hitler
Donald Drumph
by twigstar1818 July 27, 2016
A racisist US presidential candidate, who wants to build a massive great big wall; but obviously won't manage to do it as he cannot actually manage build a filter for his mouth. He is really quite delusional.
News reporter: and Donald Trump has won the Presidential election!
Person: *on phone to family in Austrailia*. Yup, I'm booking the flights now. I'm getting out while I've still got the chance!
by Capsicle July 29, 2016
A reality TV host who claims to be a politician who hasn't even read the US Constitution. All he cares about is banning Muslims and Mexicans, being racist and being really sexist towards women.
Boy: "Who is Donald Trump again? I forgot."
Girl: "An psychotic politician and an idiot/ jerk."
Boy: "Oh now I remember."
by WWIIman July 29, 2016
A racist person who hates everyone and his dad gave his a small loan of A MILLION DOLLARS.hitlers brother...
Donald trump is gonna deport my Mexican family!
by I_Hate_DONALD_TRUMP April 25, 2016
The reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, this fat and ugly skirtchaser represents the worst of America. Bigoted, loudmouthed and clueless, he has somehow attracted the attention of hillbillies, religious nuts, grade school dropouts and the Klan. The smart Republicans want nothing to do with him.
Oh, God! Donald Trump has called the Second Amendment people to use Hillary Clinton as a target practice. He thinks that comment is funny, but it isn't.
by The Real Canadian August 10, 2016
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