Man worth billions. Actual worth hard to estimate do to the different business partnerships he has. Maintains booming real estate development business and runs many other businesses under the Trump Organization name. Hosts popular tv show titled "The Apprentice."
Trump Tower, Trump Ice, The Apprentice, Trump Models
by gfskatepark June 05, 2005
When you're doing a girl from behind, you cum in her hair and then arrange her hair into a Donald-esque comb-over, then when she turns around in approval, you smack her and yell, "you're fired!" If you can do the snake hand, arm motion that the Donald does on The Apprentice, it's a bit more effective.

There was this one time, me and my girl were doing it and I accidentally came in her hair, then tried to get it out. But it just ended up looking like Donald Trump's comb-over. It was pretty fuckin funny.
by Alley Stonestreet February 20, 2007
a cracka ass mutha fucka who got rich by giving bill gates head. has a hair do called an "onion loaf" documented to SNL and jimmy falon. Has billions of dollars and the worst hair cut on the planet.
costumer: yes I'd like 2 bagels, an english muffin, and an onion loaf.
clerk: sorry sir the only person I know with an onion loaf is donald trump.
by I fuck dumb bitches April 27, 2005
When your fucking in any given position and the male pulls out busting his load on his hand, then takes that same hand to part his woman's hair. Then simpley pointing his finger at her saying, "YOUR FIRED"
She only wanted to fuck for no more than 5 min. so I gave her whoosh of Donald Trump
by DEJAVU530 August 02, 2009
To drop the kids off at the pool, from cockney rhyming slang for dump.
I'm going upstairs for a Pat Cash and a Donald Trump. Be Back in an hour.
by Jippo April 21, 2004
An extremely smart business man that realizes the most important issues our country faces today, i.e. the fact that China and other country's are ripping us off right in front of our faces.

Everybody that has something bad to say about him usually says something about him being an asshole or him having bad hair or blah blah blah. Guess what people, none of that makes any difference whatsoever if he's a smart guy that could make some sort of difference in this country. If Obama was the biggest douche in the world and had the same haircut as Skrillex (again hair makes no difference because I love Skrillex, however his hair is terrible) and yet turned our country into what everyone really wants it to be and everything it SHOULD be, then would anyone care about that stuff? NO.

Thumb this down if you must but once again that's something I could care less about. A picture on a screen representing what someone thinks about what I have to say makes absolutely no difference to how I feel and what I know to be the truth in this world.

Hate Donald Trump all you want, but please America can you stop voting politician pigs into office? We need someone HONEST that knows the real issues.
Idiot #1: Durrr donald trump's hair is so supa bad, how could someone with bad hair be president.

Idiot #2: I agree with you Billy-Bob-Danny-Frank, bad hair = bad leader, clearly.

Me: Did you guys know that my 3 year old sister has more teeth than both of you combined? Weird huh?
by JoeNelly April 28, 2011
donald trump is a (random) sexual maneuver that entails the following. The act of finishing on a girls face, having her run around the room, and then kick her in the face. Better known as the "Flying Ninja"
She thought i was playin' until i donald trumped her.
by fandago January 01, 2007

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