Donald Trump is a total fucking boss to say the least. A self made millionaire, an economist, and now considering running for the 2012 presidential election. He knows a hell of a lot more than Obama does about our country's economy, and will turn our little bitch of a country into a big, dick hanging out, macho man country. Donald Trump for 2012. Fuck yeah.
Black kid: "Go Obama! Yay, he's so great!"

Reasonable kid: "Fuck you faggot, Donald Trump is the legit shit."
by Just another badass February 14, 2011
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Living proof that money can't buy good hair.
In fact, money CAN buy good hair. Why his money has not, well, that's anyone's guess.
by Lady Chevalier June 04, 2005
The biggest Egomaniac on the planet. Hosts the show, "The Apprentice" and is said to have hair like a bird's nest? (Why the hell would you care about his hair when he just tosses five dollar bills out on the street everyday for people to scurry and try and get for fun?)
And now for Donald Trump's Fantasies:
"President Trump"
& his favorite,
"Menage a Trump"
by G-Union April 05, 2004
A type of blowjob that invloves humiliation on the "giver"
donald trump: When a girl is giving a blow job. The man cums in her hair, gives her a combover. He then slaps her and says: "you're fired!".
by 123456789tom July 06, 2006
The nasty hairstyle of combing thin strands of one colored hair into another and pushing some to the side where the end product resembles a dead chipmunk.
Casey looks bedazzling! Her donald trump matches her fur coat!
by Aldyn July 07, 2004
Some rich bitch that has hot as fuck model girlfriends and is ugly as sin. That fucker could take that whack ass hair of his, cut that off, and then the hair its so popular, it could probably have its own lil gay ass reality show....the apprentice sucks
The Apprentice, Donald Trumps show, is worse than watching the fuckin OC
by Reppin Da Tree Oh Figh November 15, 2004
someone who actually would not be the man he is today without his hair
"I have a stylist I go to in Queens. His name is Antonio. I think he's a fruit. But the bottom line is that the hair speaks for itself. Here's his card, tell him I sent you, and ask for the onion loaf."
by foo bear August 25, 2005
1.synonym for hair that looks like a racoon you just shoveled of the highway

2.synonym for a person who has supermodel girlfreinds cuz ur super ritch and you would be working at a sewage plant otherwise, and has shitty hair
1. Guy: you like my new hairstyle, its called the "donald trump".
Guy 2: yea, it looks like an elephant just took a massive shit on your head, stupid ass hole.

2. "look at that guy's girlfriend, shes smokin, and hes like 95, he must be a donald trump, his hair looks like zebra shit though.
by its me sanchi December 22, 2006

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