A four feet tall chode.

With a fat body;
No neck
Dirty ass teeth

A cunt

And an all around bitch
Dominique is a chode
by chelsea3596 January 13, 2011
In her own mind she thinks she has a "nice" ass. But really, it is very fat and lumpy. She is annoyingly flirty, and dumb. Would be a GREAT porn star because dominiques are slutty, and don't have any brainpower. Let's any guy touch her boobs for no charge. Greasy brown hair, orange skin, beady blue eyes, no eyelashes, huge nose. Usually has a short, fat figure. Thinks very highly of herself. All the girls hate her, but all the boys love her only for her sluttyness. Don't trust a dominique because she will lead guys on.
Dude, don't trust her, shes a Dominique, Dominiques are players.
by Ilikedouble69 April 09, 2011
jahmuhkhan.. a G ass jamaican girl.. also can be associated with a pimp, usually sarcastic and or smutty.. =)
damn look at that dominique... she's such a byrd
by Mr_bEE September 03, 2008
Some who likes to make human jumpropes.
ewww stop dominiqueing thats just wierd!
by AustinaBobina May 31, 2008
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