A boy that seems shy at first, but once you get to know him is open and fun. He goes to the beach and skateboards a lot. If you become his friend, you will know he is nice,funny and sensitive. He's been hurt before and doesn't want anyone to go through pain like he did losing his mother/father so he will be extremely caring for his friends. He can be immature at times but is overall mature. He won't really trust anyone, unless you are his good friend, because he has been let down too many times before. Wise, and you can take any advice from him. Overall a really caring person.
Boy 1: where's Dominic, I need to talk to him for advice on how to handle my breakup.

Boy 2: I don't know, he's probably at the beach.
by Anonymousqasa January 30, 2014
is a guy who has a huge penis and he is funny popular with the ladies and he is athletic he is also the guy who you talk to then instantly want to give him a blow job. He will impress everyone in the bedroom. He is the hottest boy alive.
Isabella: "I wish I was dating Dominic"

Elaine : no Dominic's all mine"
by Dragtag February 11, 2014
That real nigga that gets them dimes! He will chop you in the neck if disrespected and then fuck the shit out of your girlfriend cuz he can. A straight sexy ass nigga is what he is.
Boy 1: Dominic is such a bitch *gets chair thrown at his face*
Girl 1: Dominic can fuck me any day!
Boy 1: Yepp Dominic is a real nigga *passes out*
by SENSAI_ November 15, 2013
A kind and pasionate person who will always help when help is needed. He always gets obsessed with one thing for a long period of time. He will always be your friend even if you are not his.
"Did you see Dominic last night?"..." No, he was to busy saving a basket of kitty's from falling to their death."
by TARDISDOCTOR11 February 16, 2015
The action of using a ton of syrup (preferably maple) for no fucking good reason, but to do so.
"Fuck dude, that's so much syrup, you're being a Dominic"
by Fartpaste February 09, 2013
A person who has a sexual attraction towards girls. The person is nerdy also and has trouble with people.
Dominic is a loser. No one knows his name.
by StuffOnly January 08, 2015
A major fuckboy
Oh my God dominic your suck a fuckboy
by Therealkiddishcoment December 27, 2014

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