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This is the name of a guy who is tall and has big presence. He knows what he is talking about and plays loads of musical intstruments. His name is derived from the Latin word for 'a god,' so this dude is insanely awesome and powerful: don't mess with him. If someone does mess with him, he won't be violent, but think real fast and make a great and usually sarcastic remark. He also makes a lot of sex references and girls seem to like him a lot, even though he is never sure why
Guy 1: See that dude over there?
Guy 2: The tall, clever-looking one with chicks all over him?
Guy 1: Yeah, don't mess with him or he'll totally burn you with sarcasm!
Guy 3: He's a legend, that Dominic is
by this guy is anonymous April 15, 2014
That real nigga that gets them dimes! He will chop you in the neck if disrespected and then fuck the shit out of your girlfriend cuz he can. A straight sexy ass nigga is what he is.
Boy 1: Dominic is such a bitch *gets chair thrown at his face*
Girl 1: Dominic can fuck me any day!
Boy 1: Yepp Dominic is a real nigga *passes out*
by SENSAI_ November 15, 2013
is a guy who has a huge penis and he is funny popular with the ladies and he is athletic he is also the guy who you talk to then instantly want to give him a blow job. He will impress everyone in the bedroom. He is the hottest boy alive.
Isabella: "I wish I was dating Dominic"

Elaine : no Dominic's all mine"
by Dragtag February 11, 2014
The action of using a ton of syrup (preferably maple) for no fucking good reason, but to do so.
"Fuck dude, that's so much syrup, you're being a Dominic"
by Fartpaste February 09, 2013
Dominics are usually very douchey, they think that they can be jerks to girls who are perfect.
they are family people,or a "mommys boy"

they think that they are better than everybody else, they like to brag a lot, they can be nice... rarely

dominics are the kind of people that will challenge you to a fight, then wimp out.
Guy 1- "Hey dude i heard you were fighting that guy later'
Guy 2- "i really want to, but he wimped out"
Guy 1- "WOW, what a dominic'
by SpeedyTurboDump July 05, 2014
The name of the legendary steed from Bronx area of New York, whose tale of generosity in helping others, namely Father Christmas, travelled across the world encapsulating the term "Dominic the Donkey" (also spelt Dominick)
Dominic is summed up in the words from the song (Dominick the Donkey) as "Santas got a little friend, his name is Dominick.... jiggity jig ew ahh ew ahh its Dominic the Donkey, the Italian Christmas Donkey"
by Joe Mojo Bloggs December 09, 2011
incredibly stupid. Being obviously stupid. like stealing and getting kick out of school.
You're such a dominic.
by well you know. November 14, 2011