Dominic is a badass. Normally a thug from denver. Dominic will slap you so hard that you won't know what happened.. Hes also someone who would be a part of Iskm.

Guy 1# "Geez Dominic sure is amazing!"
Guy 2# "Yeah plus he rolls with those real thugs in Iskm.
by foollllll March 16, 2009
Typically a crazy cool kid with a past time of being a chivalrous knight in shining armor. In his everyday life he may come off as sometimes shy, but when in battle proves to be a great warrior of chaotic bad ass stamina. No one can defeat him not even the greatest Gothic beasts of any Dragons time. When put in a very uncomfortable situations in his everyday environment he has the swift ability of avoiding conversation by not speaking to create awkward pauses that not even the greatest of conversationalist can decipher. Not only can he slay mythical beasts in his free time, but typically Dominic's can conquer and defeat equations like a knight taking victory over a fight of ferocious velocity. Watch out for this character of legit ability at scrabble , because Dominic's are swift and crafty, they will pop up with facts when you least expect it.
Don't Challenge Dominic to a dull for he will conquer.
If not looking out carefully Dominic will prove your theories wrong with his chaotic mathematical powers.
by bilbo baggins will conquer October 14, 2011
a nerd that has MULTIPLE gamegasms. he's also very sweet and caring and funny as hell. he most likely has an AMAZING girlfriend and everybody thinks it's cool. he has really cool little brothers and he snowboards. OH! AND HE'S SEXY AS HELL. And he respects every one that respects him.
DAMMMMMMMMMMMN. Did you see Dominic?!
by eecee13 January 06, 2012
A male with an usually large cock, in both length and girth.
Person1: Holy sh*t look at that porn star's dong!!

Person2: Dear God! His name must be Dominic!
by HonestBabe January 02, 2012
Dominic is the bestest friend you could get in the world i swear. He is the bomb. You know what..No he isnt just going to be a best friend. He is like going to be a whole family in one person and you would love him for a fact. A Dominic is perfect way to talk about anything!!!!! They are FUNNNYY AS HELL. Suportive. always there for you. doesn't and won't take bullshit for a exuse or any of that. He is the type of friend that you could spend years with and never get tierd of :) So if you had him as a brother or something (rare) :D Go and get one! they are so rare. If you get a dominic mad though, Hell is broken out. Like he will stand up for what he believes. be the most funniest person you can talk to, yet still be serious at the same time (maybe) He can make your day in less then a minute. I promise you would be lucky to have one as a friend
Camila: :( I really need a Dominic :(

Hannah: OMG they are amazing you SOOOO need to get one!!!!!!!!

Camila: OMG REALLY?? Thanks!!!
by HannahTheSis September 07, 2013
This is the name of a guy who is tall and has big presence. He knows what he is talking about and plays loads of musical intstruments. His name is derived from the Latin word for 'a god,' so this dude is insanely awesome and powerful: don't mess with him. If someone does mess with him, he won't be violent, but think real fast and make a great and usually sarcastic remark. He also makes a lot of sex references and girls seem to like him a lot, even though he is never sure why
Guy 1: See that dude over there?
Guy 2: The tall, clever-looking one with chicks all over him?
Guy 1: Yeah, don't mess with him or he'll totally burn you with sarcasm!
Guy 3: He's a legend, that Dominic is
by this guy is anonymous April 15, 2014
A boy that seems shy at first, but once you get to know him is open and fun. He goes to the beach and skateboards a lot. If you become his friend, you will know he is nice,funny and sensitive. He's been hurt before and doesn't want anyone to go through pain like he did losing his mother/father so he will be extremely caring for his friends. He can be immature at times but is overall mature. He won't really trust anyone, unless you are his good friend, because he has been let down too many times before. Wise, and you can take any advice from him. Overall a really caring person.
Boy 1: where's Dominic, I need to talk to him for advice on how to handle my breakup.

Boy 2: I don't know, he's probably at the beach.
by Anonymousqasa January 30, 2014

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