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Adjective: very impressive.

First coined by Sujay on March 26, 2008.
"Wow, Chris, your essay is dominatory. Please allow me to bow down and worship you, for I know that I will never be as good a writer as you. You are amazing."
by Christophe A. March 27, 2008
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An expression used by students of Mr. C's AP Lang and Comp class to describe essays deserving of extra acclaim. Coined by wordsmith Sujay Paknikar on March 26, 2007.
"Wow, Chris, your essay is quite dominatory."
by Anonom March 27, 2008
dominatory is an adjective form of the word domination that sounds better than dominant. It doesn't necessarily mean to dominate though as it does "hella tight"
"Mike, you banged three chicks at once? That is dominatory"
by Sharon T August 08, 2005

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