Someone that lives in an oven.
Damn, that Phillip Rawlins sure is a dom.
by Alexandria07 May 18, 2008
to kick someone instinctively in the testicles
I had no chance, he did a Dom and my manhood took the hit.
by funny man 666 October 08, 2007
A gay person who is black and tall, appropriately 6'2". Who goes to Newcastle University
'Hey your so Domed' said 1 person
by Theboss123456789 August 18, 2011
only the coolest person ever, also known as pimp daddy or supa fly, you can see him with the coolest of g's

also a soon to be famous rapper from da hood in colorado

word to a brotha

Alexis: "Dom kicks ass!!"
Everyone else in the freakin world: "Heeeelll yeah he does!!!"

Dom: "Thank you, represent"
by dom the rapper April 11, 2006
Polish word meaning "house".
A: Gdzie jest wasz dom?
B: Nasz dom jest blisko jezioro.

(A: Where is your house?)
(B: Our house is near the lake.)
by MattPorsche February 12, 2005
Fat slut
Rob, Barry, Ray, Lukas and every other person with a penis. Dom
by Stfoned July 28, 2012
1.) Acronym for 'dirty old man'
2.) Often used on chat rooms meaning to phail often and consistently
3.) Often used in a clique to describe a fag
Person 1: Your a total dom
Person 2:NO U
Person 1: Your a dom in all 3 ways
Person 3: Lawl
by Aviatrix May 25, 2008

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