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The larger cycle of homies. People you dont really know but you greet them at least when you see them.
The Possy will be on your side in a great Gangfight.
I will kick your and your whole possy's ass. And my Possy will help me.
by nook aka powl July 18, 2005
"Possy" is slang for "squad".
Modern uses include reference to gang members following a leader
"The Sherif is forming a possy to go after Billy the kid(or someone similar)".
by Orion_NCC1701 March 22, 2009
Just Like Posse but more individual and mainly gals
Dun Mess Wid Our Possy Biatch
by Brittny March 30, 2004
Well its just like your gang or crew but boys mostly say it when talking about girls
then possy's are being well outters
by xmarinax June 20, 2006
the crowd of poeple that roam around Imene B in the streets of Oakland...
damn, this girl never travels without her possy!!!
by crazy n deranged October 15, 2006
Their asking me to type at least 20 words about this. Whatever. Anyway, back to definition...Iain and Chris are Andrea's possy. Yeah you got it right, Iain + Chris = possy.
Read above. Their actually asking for another 20 words! What the flip is wrong with you people!!!???
by BItch August 25, 2004
a gang of gay nigga's
look at those gay negroes
by vote BNP October 09, 2003
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