short for dominic, dominik, or dominick its a nickname of an all around awsome person. other nicknames for dominic are also con-dom dominator, or domino.
hey dude thats dom.
dude no way dom is awsome
by DOMmidWEST March 31, 2010
to dominate. mostly an abbreviation, but dom is a more intense and colloquial form of dominate.
Dude did you see Slumdog Millionaire at the Academy Awards? 8 Oscars. It totally domd.
by voxanimus February 23, 2009
A person who is a hero, legend, a tank and very good looking.
Wow Look at Dom!
by Brfc1884 March 24, 2011
Short for Dom Perignon, one of the finer wines in life.
Damn the dude is sippin Dom.
by Z8 July 11, 2006
A noise made when drinking. The drinking equivalent of 'om nom nom'.
Dom dom dom dom.
by Malinah October 02, 2010
A Dom is an anceint tool that n00bs thousands of years ago used to make fires, untill jagex updated the game and brought out the tinder box
use your dom with a log to make fire
by mlack mlack July 02, 2009
Short for Condom, or rubber.
Yo man did you rememeber to bring the Doms?
by Jeff Jollingsworth September 22, 2007

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