The Rap Artist " The Game " ( aka. chuck taylor ) stripper name when he used to strip at the snooty fox
You not a soldier homeboy you come from a stip club, your name was DOJA i can show you the pictures blood
by Shahaan Dhillion April 03, 2006
A smooth-sounding funky -soul band from Las Vegas with the Valdez brothers on vocals.
Did you hear the slick drummer on the Doja CD?
by Dan December 07, 2003
An extremely strong form of marijuana that IS laced. High usually last for 5 to 7 hours.
Yo doja is my shit. Let's get some.
by valoem October 05, 2004
An exotic fruit drink.
Want to go get some Doja?

Yeah, Doja would be mighty good right now!
by pEacEout December 18, 2004
When someone wants to express how cool something is. Also used with sarcasism.
Wow, that shirt is doja!
"She didn't call me last night, that's real doja."
by Melba January 12, 2005

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