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The act of one person lifting another so their bodies mimic the shape of the letter 'P'. The lifter represents the stalk, and the liftee the curved part.

The idea started as a way of promoting World Peace Day – people 'peacing together' and posting photos to the web. Similar to planking
Sarah and I got a great shot of us 'Peacing' on facebook for World Peace Day. Too bad she wasn't strong enough to lift me.
by PeaceOut September 03, 2012
Eh, whaddup homedog?
Padequewados, wanna smoke a bowl?
by pEacEout December 18, 2004
Def. Trix the rabbi.
Bg. My friends killer ass "tabacco" pipe!
Trix the Rabbi Ishgabibble gave a heartwarming service today.
by pEacEout December 18, 2004
An exotic fruit drink.
Want to go get some Doja?

Yeah, Doja would be mighty good right now!
by pEacEout December 18, 2004

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