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An awesome mythical creature. Known to have been the best goalie in the league. Legend has it that the Doby was born from the mighty Mother Doby. The Doby was raised to kill, his daily exercises was running in the wind, his majestic hair, glimmering in the early morning sun. LOL all of this may or may not be true, but one thing is certain. Doby, he is Doby. Enough said.
Guy #1"I was walking around town and I saw the Doby! "
Guy #2"Wow! no way!"
by Doby. Enough said. November 25, 2010
A word used for when someone has a spaz / unnecessary freak out.

A way to say that they are overreacting.
Something you use if you don't feel like arguing back, or don't think that it's worth it.

John: "Wow, dobies."
by ...=) October 11, 2009
A British Milirary word meaning:
To do your dirty washing
I'm off down the MBLU to do my doby!
by BlueVein September 08, 2007
nickname for the psychedelic amphetamine DOB, Dimethoxybromoamphetamine.
dude wanna trip on some doby?

the harry potter creature?

by tastycookie August 14, 2012
doby dan; a flasher that lives in a schoolbus, and one day got in a gunfight with the cops, killing and wounding several before himself being mortally wounded
also shit
doby dan shook my hand!
there is doby all over the walls!
by max September 27, 2004
it means poop, simply, or it could mean something that sucks.
Doby!! I failed that test!


Hehehe...He took a doby in his pants.
by Philip May 19, 2004
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