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Dobbs Ferry is one of the many rivertowns adjacent to the Hudson River, and is technically referred to as a village in the town of Greenburgh. It resides in the Southern part of Westchester, ending up a few miles and a short drive away from larger, more well known parts of the county such as Yonkers. Economically, it is mainly a middle class town, with areas that are nicer than others, without going overboard with mansions on one side of the spectrum and ghettos on the other. It is called home to a few celebrities, the most noted of which being Stone Phillips. The Football team of Dobbs Ferry Public High School has been taken to the New York State Division C and D Championships on multiple occasions. Crime in Dobbs Ferry is limited mainly to the antics of the kids in the high schools, as well as the kids who have remained in the town after graduating. Drug dealing, drug using, alcohol consumption, fighting, vandalism, and small cases of robbery are most often the reasons why the DFPD get called into action. While the DFPD has begun cracking down by purchasing Dodge Chargers for their squad cars and targeting those who they know are drug dealers. All in all, Dobbs Ferry isn't a terrible place to grow up, I grew up here, still live here, still smoke weed and drink here. It's more or less your average small town of 10,000 something citizens, with a number of interesting characters. The majority of kids who are worth knowing, ( because, like all towns, there's a number of shit-heads) have good working class values, have a strong sense of brotherhood, and we know how to handle our shit. Come on by and smoke a blunt sometime, we'd be happy to show you around.
Where you from?
Dobbs Ferry!
*sigh* minuets north of Yonkers man, aint you ever heard of it?
Ah well. Wanna grab some lunch?
*Then we both go get some Hubbas
by Dont sweat it :-) March 04, 2008
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A place full of assholes who like to smoke and share crack too bad i live there. IF you look at someone funny they will beat the crap out of you. If your a girl act like a stubberd bitch in this town and you'll be alright the girl are extreamlly hott but also rich bratts.
(person 1) Hey mark whats up i live in this gay dobbs ferry

(person 2) you just looked at me funny im going to beat the Fuck out of you after im done smoking

(girl 1) Tell me who you like off im going to smake you

(girl 2) Fuck you im going to tell my daddy on you
by superfreak fu June 27, 2009

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