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DOBBS, or Delayed Onset Blue Ball Syndrome, is a rather common occurrence in human males. Associated with the common "Blue Ball Syndrome", DOBBS is the occurrence of this syndrome, after a prolonged period of time. It happens most often after an intense make out session with a girl. The more intense the session, and the closer you get to sex, without doing it, the more painful the result. Methods of prevention include, but are not limited to: excessive masturbation, celibacy, and just tappin' that shit.
"Dude, Jenny and I totally made out last night!"
"Well, how was it? Ya get any?"
"No man, and all I've got now is a bad case of the DOBBS."
by The Yeskimo May 12, 2008
a whore who will fuck around on her boyfriend anytime he is not around.
I heard that Larry is at work, so lets go dobbs that chick.
by Plato homo June 25, 2010
when someone feels superior to everyone around them but is in fact not, but rather average in all ways possible.


Thinking you're cool but your not actually.
Oh man, that guy's being real dobbs
by Thuf lyf September 29, 2009
Shit, a useless or disgusting thing. Also a verb, to make a perfectly fine thing Dobbs.
I walked into the bathroom and some guy was taking a HUGE Dobbs. It smelled terrible.

I hope I don't totally Dobbs my test tomorrow.
by Hirzy Bar September 23, 2008
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