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A river that runs through New York state , between Manhattan and New Jersey, and empties into the Atlantic Ocean.
If Manhattan blew up, I would swim across the Hudson to New Jersey.
by filius August 03, 2005
Named after Henry Hudson, discoverer of the radioactive river splitting Jersey and Manhattan. If you want to get radiation, you swim in the Hudson. Maybe you will additionally find scrap metal or a car in the Hudson River. Probably because of 3-Mile Island being in the middle of the damn river! 3-Mile Island is a closed down radioactive island, similar to Indian Point. More up North, however, makes nice whitewater rafting.
Guy #1 - Yo dude do you wanna swim in the Hudson River with me?

Guy #2 - Nah dude, I'm not suicidal!
by Señor Sweet Beatz July 28, 2008
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