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Another term for Hydropronic marijuana,
Hey i just smoked some a huge bag of purple Doadies and i am sky high.
by Jerk7728 April 20, 2007
a monster rack, on a female of course
Nisha has some sweet dooooooooooooooooooadies! a yeeeeeeeaaaaaaayyyyyyy yeah
by Sol Styx April 26, 2005
A term referring to soft, rotten wood.
"It won't hold a nail 'cause it's too doady."
by Dominulus January 17, 2007
Huge Flap jacks, tittays, cantelopes, and any other word thats a synonym for giant boobies. Most commonly used by muggs in mtown to discribe a chick with larger than normal doads.
DLeps, check out that chicks doadies. I could really loose myself in a rack like that. whooooooooowhaaaaaaaaaaat!
by BallSackMcNuts October 13, 2005