a 1337 Counter-strike player who will own heaton at CPL
dizzy is so 1337
by zippy July 23, 2003
kind buds - the buds that get you fuckin stoned, not just high
get a gram of dizzy for a dub
by justin the fucking mann July 14, 2003
some one that is egg shaped as is the character in the computer game dizzy
my god scott you are dizzy
by gav n nick March 04, 2006
A type of flying monkey.
"Is that a dizzy?"
by Naru-sama March 28, 2003
When someone is a complete moron and doesn't know it, usually very nice and sometimes confused about mostly all common sense situation, Yes you could say its derived from the proper term "Ditsy" but hood niggas say Dizzy so Fawk you!
Her: What does "IDK" mean
Me: "I dont know"
Her: Oh ok, i guess ill just keep asking

Her: hahaha i know what that one means...
Me: Dizzy Bitch
by dc_allday January 14, 2015
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