1. Exclamation of excitedness.
2. Expressing something as cool, neat.
That's so dizzy, yo!
by Amber January 05, 2004
a stupid person. someone who is not that smart
yo son you mad dizzy
by nneka October 10, 2004
Common subject for use in the art form hentai. Only videogame character under 5 years old who dresses with less clothing than Britney Spears. One of the more innovative ideas for a fighter game character. Do not become flirtatious with her, as the results are undesirable, and can include locking into a sarcophagus and being shot with flaming arrows.
Dizzy has no Instakill, the hell're you talking about?!
by NeonZERO January 08, 2005
Head or oral sex from a female to a male.
If she bout givin neck, best believe I'mma get dizzy.
by JayJaySmoothe December 19, 2005
a rapper who is part of the freestyling group of staten island BiLl FlIpEr$
"yo0 yo0 chek it hold tight wut is dat" ur spytin,kwit frontin gawd u no half of da shyt u sed wus writen~~~
by DiZzY November 14, 2003
high quality marijuana. synonymous with dank or kind bud.
who's lookin for that dizzy?
by slickmanbrian February 28, 2006
A quite new but kool girl and promising creator in Mugen community.
sup, Diz.
by Blargh August 08, 2003

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