A new way to get high. With your eyes open spin around about 15 times really fast. Then close your eyes and stay in one spot... It feels like your flying!
Dude, lets go get dizzy!
by chchillbro123 June 15, 2011
1., adj.: Wild, crazy, unrestrained or uninhibited.

2., n.: the situation or word; "the deal", related to the ebonic "dizzle" (deal + izzle = dizzle)
1. You're actin dizzy man, put your uniform back on before the boss sees you!

2. What's the dizzy on this project you're working on?
by Gamberro Salvador October 05, 2009
Dizzy meaning extremly good, or staisfying.
Damn this plate of food looks mad DIZZY.

That corndog I had last night was dizzy
by burnoneallday August 31, 2010
Character in the Sammy/Arc Systems Works game franchise "Guilty Gear." First appeared in "Guilty Gear X."

Considered a vital character to the plot of the series. Also popular among the game's fanbase, due to her nearly universal appeal.

See bondageable.
I like Dizzy.
by Albie Wangsta March 27, 2004
1. My babe.
2. A 3-year old girl with a pair of badass wings, a tail, and a body of a matured pornstar.
I love Dizzy
by BR1D63T September 20, 2010
Another word to say a dime of weed. A dime is for the price which is ten dollars. But with this recession the price just might rise.(Lets cross our fingers it doesnt.)
"Come through with a dizzy so we could smoke that shit."
by NoBetterLove<3 December 22, 2008
The hottest 3-year-old in a videogame ever. But you'd better not be a pervert around her - her wings will fry your ass.
Ah! It's Dizzy!! *heart*
by GenocideHeart January 18, 2004

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