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Only word known to mankind that has as much power as five hundred nuclear bombs. The mere utterance of this phrase will cause the earth to suddenly shatter, thereby destroying all life and hope of survival.
Blah 1: "Well, at least there aren't any words they can say to make the world blow up."

Cannon Blah: "..........................................Gleeg snag zip!"

*Earth shatters*

Blah 1: "Eh, I stand thoroughly corrected."
by NeonZERO January 09, 2005
Loonameah -- meaning "AAAAUGH!" -- is a random outburst of angst, happiness, or confusion. It originated from the Slashonian language, in the Bluefont variation.
<Slash> LOONAMEAH!! o_x
by NeonZERO March 31, 2005
Common subject for use in the art form hentai. Only videogame character under 5 years old who dresses with less clothing than Britney Spears. One of the more innovative ideas for a fighter game character. Do not become flirtatious with her, as the results are undesirable, and can include locking into a sarcophagus and being shot with flaming arrows.
Dizzy has no Instakill, the hell're you talking about?!
by NeonZERO January 08, 2005
also means..thank you, oh god yes, beechin.
Nck: "hey you know what i havent had in a long time?" Erik:"No, What?" Nick" A good blow job" Erik: "Snooch yes!!!!"
by NeonZERO January 15, 2005

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