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Mick 'Mankind' Foley's best friend. You DON'T want him in your mouth.
It's Mr. Socko! Mr. Socko is out!
by GenocideHeart January 18, 2004
The REAL final boss of Final Fantasy 7. Word used to describe a longhaired punk who sits his lazy mutated ass in some crater, letting his tentacled freakish mommy and his much-more-entertaining clone do all the dirty stuff.

And he STILL gets thrown helluva far by Mr. T.
Yo, Suckaroth! Get your lazy ass outta that crater and prepare for the assbeating of your life!
by GenocideHeart January 18, 2004
The hottest 3-year-old in a videogame ever. But you'd better not be a pervert around her - her wings will fry your ass.
Ah! It's Dizzy!! *heart*
by GenocideHeart January 18, 2004

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