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v. The act of maserbating and someone interrupts the act, just at the point of climax but before the actual ejaculation, so you have no option but to just put your junk back in you pants and cum all over the the inside of your shorts.
Me: My mom walked in just as I was ejaculating. I had NO time to cum on anything so I just shoved everything back in my pants and came all over myself. what a disaster.

Friend: Dude, you disasterbated!! Hilarious!
by Dr. K. Moon November 16, 2010
226 87
In the face of pending doom, man shuns only the quickest and most rewarding of activities. Disasterbation describes the carnal quest for the much-coveted preapocalyptic climax.

The second most satisfying of self-pleasuring activities, Disasterbation bows only to Faux Invigordisastpublation--publicly masturbating, with vigor, in anticipation of a miscalculated armageddon.

(see also: Dicksimation, Blastpocalypse, Cum Bucket List, Anal-Eye-alation, Catajysm, Catastrofeces, and Holocaustitution)
INTELLECTUAL 1: "My goodness, Intellectual 2, I dare say that, despite having immaculately worded definitions, the examples UrbanDictionary endorses often seem contrived in nature, unnecessarily abrupt, and leave one with a dearth of expounding information via general scenario, anecdote, or lexicon."

INTELLECTUAL 2: "Hear Hear, Intellectual 1! I ... OH! Gracious, is that an earthquake!?!? ... DISASTERBATE!"
by barfcake November 15, 2011
51 25
To direct more coverage at a disaster than is appropriate or necessary, in an attempt to gain viewers.
Man, FOX News sure disasterbated 9/11 for all it was worth.
by eric January 04, 2005
139 123
To masturbate but fail in the end.
I was cumming to My Little Pony when Dead horses showed up in my mind. Fucking Disasterbated.
by mustarddick August 26, 2011
80 84
To masturbate so furiously that one's penis explodes.
- OMFG! He disasterbated himself!
- One time, at band camp, I disasterbated so hard that...
by Blandon Heat May 30, 2004
42 51
being caught in the act of masterbation.
I was total disasterbation when my parents walked in.
by Vivenz November 26, 2003
12 24
The act of masturbating during a natural disaster.
Instead of panicking during the earthquake, Billy just disasterbated.
by aarby March 06, 2010
54 69