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After having sex, pulling out, being too lazy to go to the bathroom, and peeing in the condom. Some say that this causes the condom to full up like a water balloon.
Because he was too lazy to go to the bathroom, he pulled a Dirty John in the condom.
by Steph S. December 06, 2005
the act of pissing in a condom either during or after having sex
My roommate John was so drunk that he pissed in the condom while his girlfriend was riding his cock, he pulled a dirty john on her
by AtroxStryker April 04, 2008
the act of pulling out ones penis and slapping a teacher, or substitute teacher in the face... then tea-bagging them... named after john dove, at Alamogordo High
* now children, do you're homework
- i'll give you a dirty john if you don't shut up.
by bogart March 09, 2005