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1. When your with a fat chick who has a dry pussy and your out of lubricant, this is when you both shit in a cup and use that as vaginal lubricant.

2. A Dirty George can also mean a sexual act in which the fat chick is on top and she takes a dump on your chest after she finishes.

3. When your having sex with a fat chick and she falls asleep before you finish, and instead of joining her, you cover her in gravey and unleash your pet felhound on her.
1. That fat chick I was with last night totally was dry, so I pulled a Dirty George and turned my white cock brown.

2. Damn, that sick bitch pulled a Dirty George after she came on me last night, but the worst part is she fell asleep after and I couldn't get her off of me.

3. That stupid fugly whore fell asleep while I was giving her my A-game material. Well, this'll teach her. *Covers her in gravey* Eat up, Phuufenn.
by George Sherman April 06, 2009
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When you stand over a high speed fan and crap a large turd onto it and watch it paint the ceiling.
Lastnight I was so drunk that I painted the ceiling with a dirty george.
by George Weinant March 08, 2007
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