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To properly execute the dirty bomb, one must deficate on their partner's face from a vertical distance of no less than 6 feet.
"Yesterday, I dropped this wet-ass dirty bomb on this bitch's face from the top of the fridge; I was like 'bombs away bitch!!'"
It is a small bomb that countains radioactive matter. When it explodes the nuclear matter is spread for a long distance. The short term damage is done where the bomb explodes. The long term damage is the development of cancer in many residents in the areas that the radioactive material reaches.
A dirty bomb is nowhere near as dangerous as an atomic bomb.
by Light Joker August 13, 2004
Meaning to leave a huge massive shit or performing the Shit Explosion in a person's house by purposely not flushing or cleaning after yourself.
Boyfriend: "Hey I just left a dirty bomb in your bathroom."
Girlfriend: "What's a dirty bomb?"
Boyfriend: "Go in the bathroom and find out."
Girlfriend: "OK."
by dj_holydumbf**ck October 19, 2006
A big old, stinky, steamy, custard brown, nasty smelling dump, capable of making a public restroom unlivable for hours at a time. Often found to be present upon the exit of a Kurz.
Man, I was going to drain the lizard, but Nick must have dropped a dirty bomb in there. The smell about knocked me over before I could get the door open!
by In Error January 19, 2005
A fart which is expected to be loud, deadly, and stinky. While it is all of those, along with it comes a surprise turd.
I was planning to stink up the class, but instead dropped a dirty bomb and ended up in the bathroom for 2 hours
by pigsaregod November 09, 2010
A dirty bomb is a devious tactical maneuver wherein one approaches foes, either openly or by stealth, before unleashing a bare-ass rectal toot and then running away.

It is called a dirty bomb because the air in the target area is thick with ass particles long after the perpetrator has fled the scene. Instead of radiation poisoning, this WMD leaves a signature plague of pink eye.
T minus 7 seconds for dirty bomb delivery. Goggles on, gentlemen. God help us.
by The Boobster June 27, 2011
arriving at a pool and instantly jumping in to hide the fact that you have an erection or that you wet yourself.
Person 1: "Did you see that guy jump straight in?"
Person 2: "Yeah, it must've been a dirty bomb!"
by Fatblob6 July 17, 2011
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