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What real mean don't ask for.
Dan is a real man; when he gets lost, he doesn't ask for directions like some pussy.
by Superman13 May 23, 2008
A command listed even if no one pays attention to it, anyway. Mainly there to protect the stupid.
Directions for Dial soap: use like regular soap.
Directions for hair dryer: do not use while sleeping.
Directions for frozen dinner: defrost.
Directions on a packet of peanuts: open packet. Eat nuts.
by Bulletproof Marshmallow October 26, 2003
In the thrashy Israeli streets, this is one of many Code-terms in order to get some Marijuana around, and other drugs as well. Since Marijuana is the most exstensive illegal drug there is, escpecially in Israel, this particular term is considered mostly into "Weed". The term itself asks for the "demand" part, and usually after you say 'direction' (or, "Kivun" in Hebrew), you must name the price. exmaples next will show the meaning:
Do you have a direction (kivun) in 50? (Can I purchase drugs in 50 NIS?)
by Spiel Brickner September 06, 2005
An erection obtained as a result of direct contact from a stranger. Usually uncontrollable and, depending on who gave it to you, sometimes beneficial.
Bill: Damn, did you get a look at that babe who bumped into you?

Will: Yeah man, she touched my shoulder when she passed me and I got a Direction!

Abraham: Oh fuck man.

Joshua: What's wrong?

Abraham: I was getting on the elevator in my building this morning and it was packed, and Jimmy from 4D was right in front of me. My dick was right on his ass and I got a Direction!

Joshua: Don't worry man, it happens! I got a Direction last night because Sally touched my wang.

Abraham: Oh word!
by thejonsays December 21, 2011
dying from an erection nbd;
An erection lasted so long he died . Did you go to Gordo's funeral? Yeah he died from a direction !
by baileeybarnacles December 15, 2010
Synonym of "sex." Can describe any sexual activity, even making out
I got some directions over the weekend!
by Julianne Leanth April 06, 2005
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