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A beautiful flower, with a sweet, yet sassy attitude toward life. She is fearless and knows no boundaries. She walks on the wild side at night, but is an just as ordinary during the day as anyone. The night is her playground!
You are jazmine to even think that
by arusk76 November 07, 2006
A Jazmine is a smart, sweet, sexy & beautiful person.
You will never find a better girl or girlfriend, if your a dude you'll want to marry one someday, if you lose her it's your loss. She's an amazing friend & is always there for you. losers get jealous & talk shit behind her back or over the Internet but only because they know she's a better person. & she has an amazing best friend(;
We love you jazmine!
by MssD September 25, 2011
jazmine's are usually very beutiful girls that are super caring and are super loving towords thier lover. jazmines are usually in love with big numbers like 81,611 and are also shy in the streets and a freak in the sheets ... jazmines are awsome girl friends and are so loyal and trust worthy jazmines are gonna get married and live happy with one special guy... they usually have brown eyes and beutiful brown hair and a great body! jazmines are just amazing girls.
jazmine are you going to your boyfriends house?

yea! we are going to have a movie night and cuddle in the sheets.

have fun!
by theWIZ12 November 25, 2011
A girl that is nice , sweet , sassy and most importantly gorgeous. If you have a Jazmine as a friend / girlfriend / wife treat her right because you will never find another girl like her. Jazmines are usually known to marry guys who name starts with an "A" ( Aaron , Alex , Alexander , Adam , Ali , Alen Ect. )
She is such a JAZMINE.
by Fernplant October 08, 2013
Word to describe a gurl who gives some good ass head. She could make you cum in a matter if seconds, that's how good her shit is.

Can also use Jazzy
"She a Jazmine on the dick"

"She musta learned from Jazmine cuz that shit was Jazzy as fuck"
by Young_rich_bitch January 12, 2014
A fat ass bitch who can't twerk and Is ugly as fuck she is said to have a flat ass and wear blue contacts and big tits like a bbw . She had sucked soo much dick and has the loosest pussy than any hoe in the world
Hey dont be a jazmine she a hoe
by retarteded November 06, 2013
Someone that thinks they can just be liked by everyone even though she talks behind their backs. They can dance but innapropriatly. In front of kids. They may be smartish but they let everyone know. Their friends are show offs. They will usually be seen hanging around shops. 'Lush', 'sick', and 'boom', are usually always in their vocab.
Molly: I hate Jazmine, she is so annoying and cant dance.
Brekan: I know right? Doesnt she know how to speak properly, I mean, BOOM isnt a way to describe coolness.
by Youknowmeright August 30, 2011
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