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Verb - to accomplish nothing for a long period of time, only to overcome failure through sheer momentary brilliance.

To do a Wigan
To pull a Wigan
"Wigan were looking like getting relegated, but then they beat Man United and Arsenal in the space of 5 days. And should have beaten Chelsea, but didn't thanks to, umm, debatable refereeing decisions."

"Yeah I went and passed the test."
"How? You spent the weeks before it getting drunk and watching TV."
"I guess I just pulled a Wigan on it."
by Therestoomanynamesonhere April 18, 2012
(verb) To do fuck all for a period of time before being saved by temporary brilliance.
E.g "I didn't study but I Wiganed that test."
by Dink247 April 28, 2012
Ryhming slang for Big one
in drinking terms "we having a Wigan tonight?"

"look at her she's got a right pair of Wigans"
by Crag Craig September 19, 2006
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