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A psychotic barbarian who is obsessed with the boy band, One Direction. They are the deadliest of all fandoms. They are rude and crazy, hating on girls who meet 1D and not letting new fans into their "fandom" (as it's very exclusive apparently). The only way you can be considered a Directioner is if you have watched One Direction since X Factor and know every single little inside joke there is to know. Once you have that down, there is a rule book. Yes, they are so crazy that to be in their fandom, you must follow the rule book. Break one of the rules, and you will be considered a "Directionator". Once you have been labeled that, they will call you stupid and say things like "oh, you must be new here", or "omg how dare you say Niall is the ugly one."

Directioners all have tumblrs and no social life. They spend hours reblogging pictures of 1D and making gifs of the same stuff over and over. They say things like,"I would love to break tables with Zayn" or "OMG my ovaries just exploded." They also think that jokes from 2 years ago are still funny. i.e. Carrots, spoons, and pussy. Directioners are robots who think that One Direction have no flaws and in their eyes are "absolutely perfect". If you just started to like One Direction after their first single came out, then you are not a proper Directioner.
"OMG I bawled my eyes out after I found out what Moments was really about!!"

"OMG Zayn's new haircut... R.I.P. ovaries."

"We can't use spoons. We love Nandos."

"OMG Louis was so funny at that part! Oh, and this part! And that!"

"I know exactly where the boys will be tomorrow. I'm going to go wait there for hours just so I can meet them!"

"Directioners know they are all gay for each other!!"
by 18kay March 05, 2012

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