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A Directioner is someone who is not only a fan of the boy band One Direction, but they also support the boys no matter what. A Directioner loves all 5 boys (Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry) equally! A true Directioner would spend hours on end watching their interviews, updates, photos, diaries etc. and knows all of th inside jokes (Carrots, spoons, Kevin, mirrors, Nandos, thrusts etc). A Directioner sees the boys for more than what they see in interviews and cover stories. Directioners are from all over the world, and they will stand up, love, and support their boys until the day they die.
Jane- *Sees a pigeon* ...KEVIN!?!?
Sarah- You're such a Directioner...
by 1DERFUL April 04, 2012
comic releif, or EXACTLY what we need when he ends up accidentaly murdering thousands more and endangering future generations with his stupidity.
"i relize i have made some mistakes in Iraq, I won't do the same in Iran."-a mock quote of bush, but sumthing we would expect from him.
by 1derful May 27, 2007

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