A Fandom That follows In the Footsteps of there Idols One Direction! The Directioner Fandom is never dull there is always drama going on to keep you active but these probblems always settle down after a while. Directioners arent just a fanbase they are a Family!
One Direction are soooo amazing!

Im a Directioner

Omg are you a Directioner too??

I Love Niall Harry Louis Liam Zayn
by OneDirectionGirl January 17, 2013
A person, usually a teenage girl who is obsessed with the British boy band, One Direction. They often go on Tumblr for hours a day reposting .gifs about the band and stick true to them no matter what. They're super biased toward One Direction.

They will go after you if you insult their band, and thus you are labeled a "Directionator", a fan who’s just discovered the band. If you can’t name all the band members or spell their names correctly, you’re a Directionator. If you think that Louis really likes women who like carrots, or if you somehow think that Liam likes spoons, then you are a Directionator.
Typical Directioner:

How many likes? OMG IT'S A NEW PIC OF ZAYN! OMG I'm totally gonna reshare this photo of Liam on Tumblr OMG I'm gonna curl my hair because Harry's hair is curly.

*types* OMG 1D ashjfdhjfvashjkdfbhjsdavkjhdsvjhfslhfoyukehjsavdhjghaldskjfsgahfjslfhs;aflasjd;lfaeusi
by Anon255 March 06, 2013
The only fandom that can hack into security cameras, leak albums, find ultrasound pictures, blood types, penis sizes...

But yet we can't order at McDonalds without fucking up and stuttering the whole time.
Directioners talking about One Direction:

Niall's blood type is A,
Louis was born at 1:47 PM on December 24, 1991,
Liam's penis size is 10.2 inches
Zayn was 8 pounds when he was born
Harry's blood type is B

Ordering at McDonalds:

Cashier: What would you like today?
Directioner: Y-y-es um I would like a um m-m-medium n-number s-s-even p-please?

*Gets Meal*

by PartofAFandomFamily July 11, 2014
Fans of the boyband One Direction. Love the five boys to pieces and can sometimes go to extreme lengths to see them, meet them, or even talk to them. We will always be there and never leave them no matter what happens. They mean the world to us and have saved a lot of our lives. We love each of the boys equally and some of us really hate the term Directionator. The boys are our Idols and we can be borderline obbsessed or even just a normal person.
Girl 1: Hi, I'm (Y/N).
Niall: Hi
Louis: Hey love
Liam: Nice to meet you.
Harry: *cheeky smile*
Zayn (Zain): Hello love.
Girl 1: Its great to meet you. We love you so much and are always there. You all belong.
Boys: Thanks for being such a dedicated directioner
by Directioner1997 June 06, 2013
Any fan of the British/Irish boy band, One Direction.
Note: that there are very bad/rude people, and then there are decent human beings. Do not think that because you met some bullshit people who call themselves Directioners that every Directioner is like that. I call the bad ones bullshit Directioners. You don't have to, but I'd just thought I'd mention that.

Age range: ~8 - ~25 (based on the youngest and oldest I've met and/or heard of)

Qualities needed to become a Directioner:

● Listen to their music and not hate them

● That's it.

Qualities not needed to become a Directioner.

● Like every song, worship them
● Know everyone's names, have all the merchandise
● Run a blog about them, have them as your screensaver, etc.
● Literally everything else, and if someone says you're not a Directioner because you haven't done some of these things, they're a bullshit Directioner, and you should ditch them like immediately.

Most of the Directioners I have personally met were nice. Now I have not met a lot of Directioners, so do not take my word for it. I also feel that the Directioners, who do not talk often about One Direction, are nicer. That is not always true, though.
Directioners: I like the band One Direction.
Non-directioner: I don't really like their music
Decent Directioner: Okay, that's fine.
by yes i am a directioner ok November 30, 2013
Directioners are dedicated about One Direction. You are only considered a Directioner if you have been there for the boys since day 1. July 23rd 2010 at 8:22pm was when One Direction was formed and saved millions of girls lives. Directioners are not to be messed with, they can either be your best friends or your enemies. Directioners are the best fans in the world and people can hate but we'll stick up for the boys no matter what! Hate on us but not on One Direction, they are our boys, our heroes. They are the 5 most good looking, talented, caring boys that you'll ever meet, they love us and we love them. As Louis Tomlinson said, 'It's like a teamwork between them and us.' They saved our lives and we are so grateful for having them in our lives. Hate on us as much as you want but you don't hate on them, we'll be there. Directioners will always stand up for the our boys. We love One Direction.
'Look, it's those Directioners.. I've heard they're the best fans in the world!'
'Oh my god, Directioners are looking at us, don't look!'
by I'm Adoran That Horan December 29, 2013
A group of fans addicted to the sex gods Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik who are in the greatest boy band on the face of the earth One Direction. This fandom is very kind to one another but when in contact with another fandom things can get crazy. They only look out for the boys and for each other. Most in other country's like England have been fans since the X Faxtor but others like the US fans have been fans since they knew about them in their country. Directioners are the equivalent to the FBI. They have finger prints, addresses, old phone numbers, leaked songs, pieces of hair, ultrasounds, and even penis sizes and color, so technically they are better than the FBI.
Directioner #1: hey did you hear the new 1D song?!?!
Directioner #2: yesssss Omg it is amazayn!!!! Phenominiall!!!!!

Taylor swift fan: hi!
by Meme96840 November 24, 2013
People who are obsessed with 1D.(short for one direction)
They Scream their head off when they hear their song on radio, and other public places. They hate directionator.
Every Directioner like little things!
by Ain'tnobodygottimeforthat September 24, 2013

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