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Directioners, are sexy beasts, who dedicate their lives to these 5 gay boys, who we love dearly, yet think they're a bit retarded. P.Higz represent!
woah, you're so must be a directioner!
No one is as cool as directioners
why are all directioners sooo good looking?
by Lily ethelburger April 28, 2012
26 28
Directioners, are a special type of boy band fan. They are completely dedicated to the boy band One Direction. It is easy to spot a true directioner as they understand inside jokes, quote One Direction phrases and will go into insane at the mention of there name. You will also find Directions start a conversation with 'VAS HAPPENIN'.
whats bex listening to?
well, she's a "Directioner." so proberly One Direction.
by Pheeebs January 17, 2012
113 27
More dangerous and skilled than FBI.

The Directioners found Paul's yeabook pictures, Zayn's and Niall's and Louis' bebos, and Harry's and Liam's myspaces'. They get One Direction related topics top-trending on Twitter daily on average and can analyse the shit out of everything they do based on choice of words, facial expressions, appearances and actions. News about One Direction spread amongst the Directions faster than Niall can devour a chicken wrap, double portion of curly chips, 5 hot chicken wings, and a corn on the cob.
Person 1: Did you hear, Zayn just bought celery and a frying pan.

Person 2: When?

Person 1: Like, four minutes ago.

Person 2: How do you know, they're on the other side of the world?

Person 1: I'm a Directioner.
by Hazzabo June 15, 2012
73 20
They don't even need a definition. They're like illuminati. Say something about them and they'll come after you with a fucking knife. They love five singing idiots, so you don't even have to point out they're stupid. They waste their lives using the JHLEGYDH language, crying over shirtless pictures of their husbands, and losing ovaries. Directioners have feels that you can't even imagine. These girls, or guys, would use every last penny they own to buy a doorknob that Harry touched. They struggle and cry over simple things such as deciding who's name to write last. Oh, and don't EVER confuse a directioner for a directionator. EVER. Good bye peasant.
If you still wear stripes and think it's funny, you aren't a directioner.
by The queen of them November 17, 2012
91 54
Someone who stands by the band One Direction no matter what. Who would be there to support the boys 100%.It simply does not matter if you weren't there from the start, as long as your there for them till the end. A directioner is a dedicated fan to the British/Irish band One Direction. One Direction consists of bandmates Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik. They say that a Directioner knows more about the One Direction boys then they know about themselves.
Me:I am not obsessed with Niall James Horan from One Direction from Westmeath,Mullingar, Born September 13th at 8:04am at Credit Valley Hospital...

Friend:Clearly you are obsessed with him and you are the biggest directioner I've ever met.
by Hiyaa December 28, 2012
54 23
one direction fans till the end (there is no end) ∞
the deadliest fandom of ALL
A directioner would say:
"I love this album more than I love myself! (referring to Up All Night)"
by directioner(; May 09, 2012
57 28
A fan of the british irish boyband one direction.A fandom which 90% consists of overly-obsesses fangirls who go to creepy stalker-ish lengths to know everything about their precious band.9% are normal fangirls who WILL have common sense and not know every thing they've ever heard,seen,and,said.But regardless they love those 5 sexy beasts.1% are guys who admire them and are,surprisingly not homosexual.These people overall have a war with beliebers,wanted fans,and any other fanbase against their own.
You're beliber friend:Do i look like i care.
you:i am going to kill you and that girl you worship.
the other: he's a BOY.
you: at least you can tell mine is....
the other:directioners...
by A real directioners January 13, 2013
30 14
Some one who stands up for what they believe in. Directioners honestly if you get to know them are amazing. Sure we can be crazy and sometimes a little mean, but isnt everyone at one point. I mean everyone always makes fun of us and tells us to shut up they will never meet you. Well guess what do we care no! why? because to some of us there more than just a band there role models, there the five idiots we can look up to. Each one of the boys from one direction has taught each directioner something different.

We dont NEED to know every single thing about them we just do. We dont NEED to spend all that money but we do. And you know why b/c we love them. One direction and all the directioners have honestly changed my life i used to be a wreck i hated my self and i did things that i regret so much b/c now i have to live with it. but those same directioners you call heartless rude and cold and those 5 boys you call gay stupid and worthless i call my saviors. So next time you want to talk crap about them just think how many lives they have changed how many people were like me. And how many people now have a reason to smile! B/c of all those insane crazy people i smile, i have made friends that i will remember forever. WE ARE THE 1D FAMILY!
I don't have an example this is from my life, and millions of other directioners out there
by DirectionerForever March 12, 2013
25 11