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A crazy obsessed teenage girl or guy that does nothing with their life besides twitter, tumblr, and instagram. They have blogs with NOTHING but ONE DIRECTION ONE DIRECTION ONE DIRECTION. They sit on their laptops all day with a jar of nutella crying tears of lust for five flawless homosexuals that they would kill to be with. They talk to their posters and have casual conversations with paper versions of the boys. Most of them have been fans since the X-Factor UK and deem anyone who hasn't been a directionator. They're disgusting human beings. They don't allow many people into their fandom because all they do is fuck shit up.
If youre a Directioner, you know all about Ed, Josh, Paulward, Maz, Andy, Dani, El, Perrie, Caroline, and Demi. They are exclusive people in the boys lives.

Directioners know everything about the boys. For example, Niall James Horan was born on the 13th of September 1993 in Westmeath, Mullingar, Ireland at 8:04 am at Credit Valley Hospital with the blood type of A.

Directioners often make sexual gestures, and they are THEIR BOYS.

Directioners go through all sorts of shit to protect their boys from anyone and anything harmful. They ARE THE MOST powerful fandom every created. They fangirl worse than Beliebers, Taylor Lautner fans, and who the fuck ever exists all together.
Directioners are like the fucking FBI because they can and will find shit out. They have the boys airport passes, blood types, dental records, school grades, etc.
friend comes over and looks at walls: um.. one direction?
friend: obsessed much..
friend: youre weird
me: im a Directioner.
by A Directioner. September 07, 2012
Someone who likes carrots and potatoes, for some reason.
-Hey dude, are you a Directioner?
by narryswagger February 24, 2012
The best fandom family full of sexually frustrated mofo's in the world that support and love four British, One Irish, homosexual boys who aren't actually gay. Otherwise known as One Direction.

We are also known as "the deadliest fandom."
#voteonedirection Directioners

"Our fans are called Directioners" -One Direction
by TechGirl2015 August 31, 2012
A Directioner is someone who is not only a fan of the boy band One Direction, but they also support the boys no matter what. A Directioner loves all 5 boys (Niall, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Harry) equally! A true Directioner would spend hours on end watching their interviews, updates, photos, diaries etc. and knows all of th inside jokes (Carrots, spoons, Kevin, mirrors, Nandos, thrusts etc). A Directioner sees the boys for more than what they see in interviews and cover stories. Directioners are from all over the world, and they will stand up, love, and support their boys until the day they die.
Jane- *Sees a pigeon* ...KEVIN!?!?
Sarah- You're such a Directioner...
by 1DERFUL April 04, 2012
the coolest people your ever likely to meet, the WILL run the world one day and are extremely dedicated for life to the amazing British-Irish boy band One Direction. Most directioners come from Tumblr where the fan base is strongest. Most people with tumblr also have a twitter and there are also people who just have twitter. Directioners have been the victims of hate campaign such as the twitter trend #hitdirectionerswithashovelday, which is unessisary since Directioners run twitter. On the 24th of December 2011 (which is member Louis Tomlinsons birthday) directioners filled the whole world wide trending tweets box.
Directioners are to One Direction like Beleibers are to Justin
by directioner101 March 25, 2012
Directioners aka Crazy fandom Army of Five sexy Lads. Dont dare you disturb their 5 boys you would receive death threats. Really Loves follow spree and always thirsty for new followers. They dream have 5/5 + 1D . And Likes making and reading fanfiction. Actually they were talented but most of them insecure and need god.
A : I ship haylor they look so cute
Directioners : Shut up shower of cunt nobody ask you i would ship ur ass to zimbabwe and kill your family !
by 1xzarryxD January 26, 2013
Directioners, are a special type of boy band fan. They are completely dedicated to the boy band One Direction. It is easy to spot a true directioner as they understand inside jokes, quote One Direction phrases and will go into insane at the mention of there name. You will also find Directions start a conversation with 'VAS HAPPENIN'.
whats bex listening to?
well, she's a "Directioner." so proberly One Direction.
by Pheeebs January 17, 2012