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The "ship" name created by Tumblrers and One Direction fans to identify the relationship between Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson. Constantly at war with the Larry Stylinson shippers.
Elounor shipper: OMYGOD Louis and Eleanor are so fucking cute together!
Larry shipper: Omygod get away from me bitch Larry is real! Eleanor is a fucking beard
Elounor shipper: Say WHAT?! Bitch, Imma slap you
Larry shipper: Bitch you goin' DOWN
*cat fight*
*Larry shipper sitting on top of Elounor shipper by end of fight*
Larry shipper: Say Larry is real or else I won't let you up!
Elounor shipper: FUCK NO BITCH!
*more cat fights*
One Direction hater: Omygod Louis is the stupidest ever! He shouldn't be in the band!
*Elounor and Larry shippers look at each other*
by ishipbullshitbitches June 09, 2013