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A word used to describe someone who performs an act of something ridiculously retarded. Most commonly used by surfers at HBHS. Peolpe who aren't surfers shouldn't use this word because they're douche bags
random kid falls
surfer says "UH DILT!"
by D!ngleD@ngle January 26, 2009
Singular bead of ball sweat.
I got some pretty serious dilt.
by diltsonstilts March 24, 2010
when your dick is so same it is not Physically possible for you to wank
mum get me the tweezers
by mofo May 27, 2003
A physical anomaly, or abnormality.
That dilt sure looks nasty, you should go get it checked.
by krono June 01, 2006
dick and dolt in one word
wait a minute you dilt!
by insanemofo1 November 27, 2009
1. Use of a dildo up the anus.
2. Insult of the highest caliber.
Dude: 'Man i need to dilt.'

Dude: 'YOU F***ING DILT!'
by rawrr; jason June 13, 2007
1 cm cock
by toby May 27, 2003

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