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What Drew Pickles, the gayest man in the universe, shoves an infinite collection of up his ass everyday.
Someone is attempting to steal the dildis.
by swellness January 08, 2012
1) plural of dildo. Same as dildos.

2) citizens of Dildo, New Foundland
"She didn't just have a dildo in her bedside drawer, she had dildi - a pink one, a black one, a 10 inch long blue one, and one hooked up to a battery charger. It was then that I knew our time together would be short and sweet."

"We are Dildi"
by R-biscuit July 15, 2006
1. Sex toys in groups of two or more. 2. Dildo in the plural form.
I opened the drawer and to my surprise, there was a plethera of dildi.
by Lt Dangle 8 July 06, 2010